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Back In Time  There was a time when musical artists were unique, always looking for that new sound. Much of today’s radio music is formula driven and the artists in a given genre sound very similar.This album was created with the intention of acheiving ts own distinctive sound.

Music and Lyrics by Mark D. Miller
Instruments and Vocals performed by Mark D. Miller
©2010 Mark D. Miller except Flight ©2004 Mark D. Miller

1.       Got To Be There Somewhere – That elusive discovery is out there.

2.       Winter – Written and recorded the night of the big snow in 2010.

3.       Flight – A guitar dual between classical and electric. Who wins?

4.       In Your Eyes – For Lovey.

5.       Drift - The main lick was written after getting a new guitar pedal.

6.       Off The Groove – An off beat groove.

7.       Wanna Dance - Playing in the band and watching the dancers.

8.       Back In Time – A “What if” love song.

9.       Big Bear - Frank Zappa inspired.

10.   I Am Robot – A new keyboard and its sounds.




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