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The COMPUTUNE Self Tuning Guitar System    
is a revolutionary, patented device that installs in the guitar from the back and behind the bridge in a cavity that measures only 3 3/8" by 4 1/4". There are no protrusions through the top of the instrument, and a flush mounted plate leaves it completely hidden to maintain the vintage appearance of the instrument The device works with the stock bridge in most cases, leaving the modification completely unnoticed. The device circuitry is similar to standard tuner technology and is connected to the instrument's existing pickups. Three lights indicate if a plucked string is sharp, flat, or in tune. This information is sent to a motor that quickly raises or lowers the pitch and stops when the string is in tune. This is done so precisely that the COMPUTUNE Self Tuning Guitar System could raise even the most experienced musician to a higher level, and set new industry standards for tuning accuracy!

U.S. Patent no. 5,323,680

Mark D. Miller- Microcontroller programming, electronic design and prototype construction.

Jan M. Strock - Concept, mechanical design and prototype construction.
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