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Concerto II was written for the Cumberland Valley School of Music where Mark is a faculty member. The software is an expansion of dbMAS Concerto that Mark wrote to assist Music and Art Schools with registration, contacts, fundraisers and other tasks. dbMAS Concerto was unveiled at the National Guild for Community Arts Education conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Features
  • Stand-alone product , no need to purchase hosting or support programs
  • Directly compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Reports written with Seagate Crystal Reports
  • Customized reports at the user’s request
  • User defined fields can be labeled as desired
  • Create queries for mailings
  • Export and Import
  • Registration
  • Register students for private lessons or classes
  • Multiple locations
  • Invoices and billing
  • Easily process credits and refunds
  • View or Print Student Admittance Slips, Registration Confirmations, Teacher Lists, Student Directory, Attendance Sheets, Teacher Schedules, Payment Vouchers, Course Lists, Room Schedules, etc.
  • Fund Raising
  • Set up multiple campaigns
  • Track donations
  • Customize Thank-you letters
  • Events
  • Set up events with up to five admission prices
  • Track ticket sales
  • Event expenses
  • Off-Site Performances
  • Set up gigs with multiple performers and contacts
  • Invoices and billing
  • Performer notification
  • Track school net
  • Contact Management
  • Individuals indexed by residence and/or business
  • Individuals identified and tracked by categories
  • Overview of transaction history by residence or business
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