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Keep it simple was the premise. Mark is not sure that he fulfilled the goal. This CD is simpler in theory than most of his others, yet it might not be simple enough. Mark tried to write songs that had simple progressions with unique melodies. It was difficult for him to lay back and give the music a more commercial sound. (Simple = Commercial)



1.        All For A Dime
Mark bought a new acoustic guitar and wanted to find out if the built in pickup recorded adequately. The song’s theme is a common one. We all have to deal with deadlines at work and answer to the boss. Mark likes the bass chords at the end.

2.        Piano Song
For Mark's wife. He is one of the lucky people in this world.

3.        All The Wine
The Occupy Movement can relate to this song. No, Mark is not not a member. Fans of South Wind will recognize the solo. Somehow Mark remembered itt after thirty plus years. The cool bass part is Mark's poor imitation of what Cos played. This is the only song on the CD that Mark used the fretless bass on.

4.        What Have We Done
Is technology creating a generation of idiots?  Browse the web. For example, they don’t know the simple difference between there, their and they’re. They text each other when they’re (they are for those of you that fall in the category) at the same table for lunch! We’re addicted. How long before we become cyborgs?

5.        Walk Along
This is a filler song with nonsense lyrics. It was kept on the CD because of the guitar part at the end.

6.        Where Do They Belong
This was the first song written for the CD. Mark went back to school after many years to finish a degree. There were quite a few students in the first few sessions that just didn’t belong. Thankfully, they were weeded out in the upper level courses.

7.        Blank Slate
Blank Slate was the original title of this CD. Mark sat down at the piano with absolutely nothing in mind. The piano was his blank slate.

8.        Never Gonna Be The Same
Much of the new music we hear is performed by a computer. Many people can’t tell the difference. As a musician, Mark finds this to be quite frustrating. The computer was programmed to play the first four bars of the piano intro. Can you tell? The acoustic guitar is out of tune. Was it on purpose? In Mark's opinion, today’s music is too perfect. We’ve lost the human imperfections that give music life.

9.        Chamber One
This is on the same vein as the previous song. Being an ongoing student of classical music, Mark wondered how the masters would fare in today’s world of computerized, formula driven music. Oh yes, the masters had formulas to follow, but it was the form. It wasn’t the same twelve progressions over and over. In order to keep it simple, Mark used a few of those twelve on this CD.

10.     Never Go Astray
This song recalls the first time Mark saw his wife. It was many years later that they got together. The drums are mixed high because he really felt them when playing.

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