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Lanu is an ongoing project that began in the 70s when I was a teenager. A short story that I wrote became the basis for an epic song and a text adventure game for CP/M. The song and game were eventually copyrighted in 1983 but the original story was lost years ago. Lanu's evolution began with versions for DOS and Windows 3.1 that have also been lost. When searching for assets for this site, I stumbled upon images that were used for the Windows 3.1 version (or maybe it was for Windows 95) a few of which are displayed below. As I recall, I used an early version of VRML to create the scenes.

When WindowsXP was released the next version was created. Here is a screen shot:

Here's a shot of the first XNA version:
Click the play button to hear Lanu © 1983 Mark D. Miller
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