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One of Twelve Out There is Mark's twelfth CD and the second or third recorded in 2012. The CD contains a combination of acoustic and electric songs. The electric songs are the basis of a musical that Mark is working on. Ironically, the first song he wrote for the musical is not included.

The Songs

1. How Will It – How will the election turnout? Mark was sick and tired of political ads at the time.
2. Lo Que Sera – This song relates to the character in the musical who brags so much the bottom drops out.
3. Take A Stand – This song is about bullying on the internet. It’s also a statement about the lack of intelligence displayed by many web 2.0 contributors.
4. How Long – This is a scene where the main character drives too fast and his girl friend is scared. Mark borrowed the line “You are hauling precious cargo” from his daughter-in-law.
5. Say It – The inspiration for this song came from frustrating group project experiences.
6. I Came – The lead character deals with his teenage daughter’s rebellion.
7. Same Place Twice – The main character reflects on his life as he dies. This song is the first track that does not have electric instruments.
8. White Shack – This is the first song on the CD that is not in the musical. Mark pulled out the banjo and mandolin.
9. No Fault – This song for MaryAnn has some awesome acoustic guitar interaction.
10. Wik ‘Em – Nonsense lyrics to cool acoustic guitar parts.
11. Lo Que Sera – Mark hired one of his studio clients, a native Spanish speaker and a real singer, to sing the lead as an experiment.
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