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Computer program examples:

1980 – 1990

* Text adventure for CP/M * Assembler/Disassembler for 6510 microprocessor * Asteroids clone for Commodore 64 * Music store rentals/sales software * Music lesson scheduling software * MIDI sequencer * DOS Recording Studio Design * DOS menus

1990 – 2000
* Windows card,   dice and adventure games * PIC assembly code for self-tuning guitar system * Windows serial port motion control * Custom Windows service management software interface for CounterPoint, Macola, Great Plains and Small Business Financials accounting software packages

2000 – 2010 * Windows recording studio POS, Scheduling and Accounting Software sold as swSQL * Windows Music/Arts School Registration, Development, Events, Fund Raising and Accounting Software sold as Concerto and ConcertoII * XNA Game Studio – Adventure, fps and space games including code, graphics and music. WYSIWYG editor for XNA HUUD screens * Windows Checking Account software * Windows Recording Studio Design * Web site design and implementation * XNA Tutorial  * Custom Windows business software interfaces with CounterPoint for businesses including a recycling center, online store, warehouse and trucking industry

2010 – Present
* Windows phone – Telephone Contacts  text adventure and space shooter. * Windows – Space adventure calculates actual planet positions based upon JPL equations, relative ship time, gravitational drift/slingshot, hull temperature and radiation. * Windows Musical Set Maker – creates sets based on key, tempo, length and style.

Electronic project examples:
* Patent no. 5,323,680 self-tuning guitar system * Patent no. 5,159,312 trailer safety hitch radio alert * Self-tuning pedal steel guitar * Self-tuning violin * Two recording studio designs and wiring * Television frame rate timer for WHTM * Numerous light shows and sound system designs * Client computer customization, assembly and repair * Computer network installation and maintenance * Alarm system design/installation
Mark is an accomplished programmer who has worked as an employee, as a subcontracter and as a freelancer. His love for programming began in 1980 when he learned BASIC, assembly and CP/M. He has written many business applications including custom accounting interfaces for:
  • BioTech
  • Zoysia Farms
  • The Recycling Center
  • Service Industry
  • SHRM
  • Regina Pools
  • Bowman Inc.

Mark holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems with a specialization in web development and administration.

Mark has played with electronics since he was a child. Although his formal training is limited to a year and a half of Electronics Technology study, he has designed the electronics for two patented devices.
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