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Return of the Vortons by Mark D. Miller for Microsoft Windows     
It is 140 years in the future. The evil Vortons from Tau Ceti have invaded every star system within 12 light years of Earth. As the Captain of the Star Destroyer I.S.S. Olympia, you must eliminate this threat before the Vortons can complete their conquest. The Olympia is equipped with 5 fighter ships, 50 Ten Gigaton Plasma Torpedoes, a 198 PW Pulse Laser and the new Nova Burst weapon to help you defeat the agile and fast moving saucer ships. The saucers have powerful missiles and travel in armadas commanded by a mother ship.

Return Of The Vortons © 2010 Mark D. Miller, M&M Studio Programming, Graphics, Music Score, Music Performance, Recording Engineering/Mastering, Videos and Voices by Mark D. Miller Away Mission Enemies and Research Facility under license with 3drt Some code and particle system derived from the Space Shooter Mini Game available to Microsoft's App Hub Premium Members here: App Hub. Complies with the Microsoft XNA Premium Content License.
  • Battle Mode
  • Explore Mode
  • Story Line Mode
  • Away Missions
  • Cockpit screen
  • Actual positions of the planets in our solar system
  • Gravitational drift and slingshot
  • Relative ship time
  • Hull temperature and radiation calculations
  • Planet lighting
  • Discovery of unknown star systems
  • Weapon upgrades
  • Videos
  • Computer voice
  • Difficulty settings
  • Fighter ships
  • Space station docking
  • Positional and relational solar system maps
  • Star system map
  • Automatic attack and evasive modes
  • Solar flares
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