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SAF-T-BAL Trailer & Vehicle Security System offers you:
  • Safe and secure towing
  • Advance warning of impending trouble.
  • Advance warning of theft or tampering.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Works on all steel couplings.
  • No radio license is required.
  • Made in V5 Class Balls
Let SAF-T-BAL take the worry out of pulling a trailer:
  • Signals if the coupling starts to loosen or the nut begins to back off.
  • With the Thermo sensors on the axel bearing, it signals if the bearing becomes too hot.
  • When you are away from the trailer, it signals if tampered with, up to 1/2 mile.
  • Optional door sensors can be installed to signal vehicle break-in.
Inventors: Edgar R. Engle, Mark D. Miller Patent no. 5,159,312
The Team:
Mark D. Miller - Electronic design and prototype construction.

Edgar R. Engle - Concept and mechanical design.
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