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Scrunch was a card game my father introduced the family to. The game was available for purchase online in the 90s. I wrote it in VB 6 and was surprised that it installed on a Windows 7 machine without issues.
Scrunch or Miniature Bridge uses a trump suit that changes with each hand. After the cards are dealt, each player places a bid. Points are added to the player’s score when the bid matches the number of tricks that were taken. The first hand is played with ten cards. The following hand is played with nine cards, then eight, and so on, until only one card is dealt to each player. The next hand is played with two cards, with each subsequent hand increased by one card until the last hand of ten cards. If the number of tricks taken matches the player’s bid, the player receives ten points plus one point for each trick. If the bid was not made, no points are added or subtracted from the player’s score.

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