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    SQL v. 2.3.5
Studio Works is no longer available

A stand alone scheduling, accounting and point of sale software package for recording studios. No additional software to buy!

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Basic Features:
  1. Scheduling:
        Studio Rates
        Package Rates
  2. Point of Sale:
        Multiple Items
        Taxable or Non
        Tax Exempt
  3. Import/Export:
        Import Client Data
        Export CSV TAB XML
        Outlook Calendar Export
  4. Document Editor:
        Create/Edit documents
        Save As RTF With Tags
        Open Almost Any File
  5. Reports/Invoicing:
        Mailing Labels
  6. Clients:
        Band or Company
        Contact Data
        Media Backup Data
  7. Vendors:
        Contact Info
        Account ID
  8. SQL Editor/Viewer:
        View And Print Data
        Edit SQL Scripts
        View XML Data
  9. Expenditures:
        User Defined Categories
  10. Items:
        Taxable or Non
        Edit Cost/Price
  11. Misc. Income:
        Other Income Entry
        With, w/o Existing Items
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