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Mark wrote the music for Suite for Classical Guitar and Rock Band to be performed in concert. Mark teaches at The Cumberland Valley School of Music with a faculty consisting of awesome musicians that can cover most of the parts. Mark hopes to fund the concert sometime in the near future.

Prelude and Band The concert begins with curtains closed. Mark will play the classical guitar part while sitting on the edge of the stage. The curtain opens when the bass comes in. The lights swell when the band comes in. Mark switches to electric just in time.

I’m With You This song has a standard rock feel. A second classical guitarist is needed on this one.

All Guitars This piece consists of classical and electric guitars complimenting each other. The title reflects Mark's love for all styles of guitar.

Doop Doop This song represents rock from the early days. Instead of classical guitar, it features keyboards and the Chuck Berry style of electric guitar.

Port This one is more modern. It stresses the portamento feature of modern electronic keyboards that began with the Moog synthesizer.

1,2,3,4, Arms The classical guitar is intertwined with modern rock. Mark gave it the title because the feel of the song had his arms swaying in the air when mixing it.

Since the CD is only 20 minutes or so in length, the concert will also feature selections from Mark's other CDs.
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